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on Sep 9th 2000, 06:48:37, Peridot wrote the following about


the color of cowards and the piss-flat moon underwhich we didn't make love but you came to me at darkeness and i don't prefer it in cars or with the lights off. I felt as far from you as that yellow moon and you were a coward for letting it lean to the right because it just wasn't right to be in a car lit only by a piss lamp and scaring my love for you into the thove i was trying to remember i had for you. this night, you were far and new. a new that didn't fit. I like 'em worn in. I like 'em tailored and i don't like 'em with the lights off. I don't even like yellow, Lemon Drop didn't even like bananas, or corn for real. I never like goulosh or his fucking peas. I am the only coward I like to be.

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