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Werner about Socks

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Greg wrote on Jul 29th 2003, 17:23:59 about


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Where do all the renegade socks go?

Ratak wrote on Mar 24th 2002, 21:23:03 about


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And four times they sang untill the socks rocked right off to sleep.

Ratak wrote on Mar 24th 2002, 21:23:28 about


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If I didn't know any better I would say that those are socks. Too bad I dont' know any better.

Achiasa wrote on May 27th 2002, 02:11:56 about


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Why is it you can only ever find one?

Greg wrote on Jul 29th 2003, 17:22:15 about


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In days of old, when knights were bold and rubbers weren't invented,
They tied their socks around their cocks and babies were prevented.

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