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Reginald about Vision
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whatevernext96 wrote on Feb 4th 2002, 16:57:24 about


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'Oh the burden of the Valley of Vision...' One of the most mysterious lines in the Old Testament, but one has the feeling that the 21st century is getting fearfully near to the meaning of it.

Waitress wrote on Mar 12th 2002, 10:22:32 about


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As a waitress my vision is this: A man with red shoes walks in to the diner – everything is about perfect – there is coffee, orange juice, swinging music, a smile on everyones face. If i ask people for there wishes they don´t have any, but every one wants to do better never the less. I would give away cookies for free.

Reginald wrote on Jan 30th 2005, 18:01:12 about


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Vision – the power of sight; something seen, whether real or imaginary.

Daniel Arnold wrote on Jun 15th 2001, 02:47:03 about


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Share yours.
And get involved with others.

(a continuing story)

Kai wrote on Apr 18th 2001, 22:54:56 about


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Floating particles of images hit your face every second. They hit your nose, your mouth, your forehead. But it is only when you open your eyes that they can get it, infiltrate your mind and form, like a jigsaw, the image of a screen and a keyboard in your mind. Oh no, what am I doing here? Typing, reading? I should be out enjoying the sight of a nice landscape. Or am I blind?

Vision can be confusing.

shortie wrote on Dec 15th 2002, 01:08:56 about


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i had a vision of her, she was standing naked in a doorway when she reached out and grasped me by the shirt and pulled me into her. I did not know what to do, then it came to me take her, you may never have a chance to something like this again.

whatevernext96 wrote on Apr 25th 2002, 17:58:23 about


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'Oh the burden of the Valley of Vision' (Isaiah). Now what was all that about...?

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