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Faybro wrote on Apr 23rd 2000, 06:13:13 about


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Woomera is the probable misspelling of a the name of a place in Australia. It sounds about as strange to North Americans as does Connecticut does to Australians.

John wrote on Dec 21st 2000, 01:55:19 about


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Woomera is an Indigenous Aboriginal word that describes a long branch or scooped out branch that then has a pivot point attached. This contraption works as an extension of the human arm for launching spears. The name was borrowed from the Western Australian Aboriginals as it suited the nature of the rocket (spear) launching range built in 1947 in outback South Australia, to test fly British and Anglo-European space rocket and vehicles.

dai wrote on Dec 11th 2000, 20:28:23 about


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no idea it could be a time when we exist in the womb the woom era no proberly not

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