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Voyager about about
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Werner about about
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Melva wrote on Jul 10th 2007, 04:30:31 about


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It's about time for you to add a text to the Blaster.

Perhaps you'd like to write something about the city or the state or the country where you live?

Or maybe about your state of mind?

Myrmidon Carom wrote on Apr 29th 2004, 20:22:15 about


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About this time of day, I really want another cup of coffee.

Eliza wrote on Nov 13th 2004, 18:44:30 about


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About this time of day, I'm having my first cup of coffee.

Neomojo wrote on Feb 8th 2005, 03:17:34 about


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about: Something about about

The depths of this blaster know no bounds, but I often chuckle at the simple things.

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