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Sadia Ashfaq wrote on Apr 27th 2004, 15:06:09 about


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Dear Sir
It is not easy to say the whole distructions made by Al Qauida but if you look about the 15th century and the later the extremely horrorable age of Iza Bela and that time the crual and beast dictators have been the rulers of the earth presently Bush, Areal Sheron, Tony Blair, Gen.Musharaf, Diccahini and like, they are the gaint terror and millions of the innocent people have been killed by the policy and attack by these beast people and world made a hell in earth, the example of Phelistine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chichinia, and Kashmir are the self evidance of terrorism by the non-muslim upon the innocent Muslim, Dear alot of things that cause the world terror we should analyse the root cause of this act so called Terrorism, we should be aware of the real alian of the world.

undercover wrote on Nov 30th 2002, 11:34:16 about


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02:00 AM Aug. 10, 2002 PT

A Maryland hacker used simple Web tools like whois and traceroute – as well as online translation software and an anti-cybersquatting service – to take over the domain name of alQaida's website. And he's ready to do it again!

A friend wrote on Apr 27th 2004, 15:18:37 about


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Thanks to give a chance to speak on this topic.
Actually Alqaida is an American made and the term Al Qaida is the term given by America itself. The millitant groups in Afghnistan were fighting individually after the dowanfall of USSR and the Afgan has governing themself, and America wants to rule on Afganistan so He adopted a name Al-Qaida to enter in Afghan and the Millitant group he had been using and the person who brought in front namely Usama Bin Ladin and by this planning America after the 11th Seprember incident attacked in the Muslim. This is last but not least.

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