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the old pirate about babble
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dark blip about babble
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aL zYMa KiOSK about babble

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rimmer wrote on Apr 24th 2001, 13:24:13 about


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How far is it necessary to climb up the tower of babble, before mutual incomprehensibility, not to mention altitude sickness, renders quotidian communication impossible?

Donnie Pi wrote on May 6th 2001, 06:54:25 about


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They can't shut her up at Saint Mary's! I mean keep her still her there. She babbles! They couldn't shut her up in Capeza de Lobo or at the clinic in Paris – she babbled, babbled – smashing my son's reputation!

[das flederwiesel] wrote on Nov 11th 2001, 20:29:23 about


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I always liked her incessant babbling because of her beautiful voice.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 5th 2001, 04:26:28 about


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Book of Holy Scripture. Sample: »Thou art Peter, and thou shalt pick a peck of pickled peppers.« (Gospel of St Regis, patron of hotels)

even humbler wrote on Aug 5th 2001, 16:23:15 about


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Babble – how religious zealots in the American South pronouce, appropriately so, the word 'bible.'

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