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dark blip about babble
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aL zYMa KiOSK about babble

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rimmer wrote on Apr 24th 2001, 13:24:13 about


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How far is it necessary to climb up the tower of babble, before mutual incomprehensibility, not to mention altitude sickness, renders quotidian communication impossible?

[das flederwiesel] wrote on Nov 11th 2001, 20:29:23 about


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I always liked her incessant babbling because of her beautiful voice.

Donnie Pi wrote on May 6th 2001, 06:54:25 about


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They can't shut her up at Saint Mary's! I mean keep her still her there. She babbles! They couldn't shut her up in Capeza de Lobo or at the clinic in Paris – she babbled, babbled – smashing my son's reputation!

the old pirate wrote on Mar 5th 2001, 04:26:28 about


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Book of Holy Scripture. Sample: »Thou art Peter, and thou shalt pick a peck of pickled peppers.« (Gospel of St Regis, patron of hotels)

the old pirate wrote on Mar 8th 2001, 17:41:51 about


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Oh gosh, she's so neat, it's impossible to dislike her. I hate people I can't hate. (overheard on the island of Mustique)

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