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doris about baby
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hihihihi about baby
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on May 6th 2014, 17:06:43 wrote
hihihihi about baby

on Feb 7th 2001, 20:19:53 wrote
henk about baby

on Jul 20th 2004, 03:30:36 wrote
Dave about baby

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sdw wrote on Jun 7th 2001, 22:40:30 about


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Ooh, baby, baby,
Ooh, baby, baby,
baby, baby, baby, baby

gustav wrote on Feb 7th 2001, 10:59:38 about


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Facial palsy is a fairly common condition in the newborn baby due to pressure on the facial nerve distal to the stylomastoid foramen usually caused by forceps application during delivery.

whatevernext96 wrote on Oct 18th 2001, 17:34:00 about


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Lord, what can one say in this short space about having a baby? The whole world changes – and it takes the rest of a lifetime to discover by how much.

bconstan wrote on Dec 3rd 2002, 01:40:46 about


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Sometimes I go through this phase where I think I want a baby. And then magically, everywhere I look, there are babies. Yet all it takes is one screaming, bratty, smelly little kid to make me realize that I'd rather have a cat.

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