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doris about baby
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hihihihi about baby
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henk about baby

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Emma Example about baby

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Dave about baby

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sdw wrote on Jun 7th 2001, 22:40:30 about


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Ooh, baby, baby,
Ooh, baby, baby,
baby, baby, baby, baby

whatevernext96 wrote on Oct 18th 2001, 17:34:00 about


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Lord, what can one say in this short space about having a baby? The whole world changes – and it takes the rest of a lifetime to discover by how much.

dandy-doo wrote on Feb 7th 2001, 11:57:36 about


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How long will he need a night feed?

Most babies need a night feed at least until 6 weeks, and often until about 3 months.

bconstan wrote on Dec 3rd 2002, 01:40:46 about


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Sometimes I go through this phase where I think I want a baby. And then magically, everywhere I look, there are babies. Yet all it takes is one screaming, bratty, smelly little kid to make me realize that I'd rather have a cat.

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