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francesca about boredom
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helena about boredom
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DavidS. about boredom

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Joy about boredom

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Jim wrote on Aug 29th 2001, 21:32:18 about


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An intelligent mind rarely suffers from boredom. Ones own mind is a playground that geeks visit with relish.

sarah wrote on Jul 19th 2002, 07:14:50 about


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I dont really have anything to say. I just felt the need to share how bored I am right now.

francesca wrote on May 22nd 2001, 15:14:21 about


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eight hours in the office... and life is so short when you're not there...

whatevernext96 wrote on Oct 5th 2001, 21:12:00 about


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They say that boredom can poison your life...Most poisons have effective antidotes – so I shall just have to hope that the antidote to boredom is everlasting female curiosity!

[das flederwiesel]™ wrote on Aug 11th 2002, 00:24:02 about


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Sometimes good because you'll do something to make it go away and maybe you'll get creative, sometimes just boredom.

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