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Emma Example about circumcision

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I don't know why there's so much discussion about that topic. I was circumcised at the age of 20, and I don't miss my foreskin. The male penis is fully functional without a foreskin, although some people claim it not to be. The only reason not to routinely circumcise baby boys is that every operation, even a small one, bears certain risks – and, of course, that it cannot be undone. You don't tattoo babies, either.

In case of phimosis (tightness of the foreskin, preventing retraction), there might be no other cure than circumcision. There are also some religious groups who circumcise their boys, and that's IMHO also OK, as a permanent mark of their belief. I cannot understand people who compare circumcision of the foreskin to FGM, because FGM is a severe mutilation which more often than not destroys the girl's ability to feel any sexual pleasure.

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