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Baschtili about depression
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Watkins about depression
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Michel and Bruno and a shade of Batemann about depression

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Texts to »Depression«

Baschtili wrote on Sep 9th 2003, 11:05:30 about


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Falling into the abyss
Fumbling all over with idiotic phrases
Words come without sense's traces
The mind bent with careless determination

Hitting rock bottom
Is there really anything left in life?
Anything at all worth for to strive?
The mind feverish with suicidal insinuation

Lying broken on the floor
Down so long maybe too long to care
Should do something but do not dare
The mind helpless in procrastination

Watkins wrote on May 22nd 2013, 12:39:52 about


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An American suffering from depression in his job was found dead in Singapore last summer. His parents have now decided to withdraw from the inquiry into his death.

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