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modig about dimension
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Emma Example about dimension
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Emma Example about dimension

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modig wrote on Jul 1st 2002, 05:54:54 about


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Time is the fourth dimension. That doen't mean anything crazy or wacky. It just means that it is one more dimension things can move in. I can go up and down, left and right, back and forward, and through time also. For now, and probably forever, we can only go one direction in time, which is one of many differences between time and the 3 spatial dimensions.

toxxxique wrote on Jan 23rd 2004, 17:39:48 about


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The wombles, being the sweetest little fellows I've ever seen, and also one of the most intelligent species in the universe, know more about dimensions than all of us. Go and ask them for advice if you care to dig deeper into that subject.

Matthew Baines wrote on Apr 14th 2003, 19:34:30 about


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the matrix forms the crossing of the dimensions and is also where the wombles live

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