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peter about environment

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Babylon 69 wrote on Apr 16th 2000, 17:32:49 about


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The environment has subtle, peripheral effects on our consciousness. But the context of any given situation is actually the most powerful determinant of perception, and yet remains the part we are least conscious of.

Cory wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 21:49:11 about


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I think environment has a huge subconscious effect on our feelings and perceptions of what is going on around us.

Andrew wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 12:24:41 about


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While the rest of the world is increasingly concerned about the environment and global warming, the government of Australia is defying the intenational call for reduced CO2 emmission and the wishes of the majority of Australian people and campaiging to increase it's CO2 emmissions. The Australian government is doing this Primarily to appease the interests of big business who do not want any reduction in profits that may come from reducing greenhouse gases

goatalingus wrote on Apr 18th 2001, 19:52:49 about


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We should mimic nature instead of manipulating it.

pari wrote on Oct 18th 2000, 18:21:10 about


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The environment is everything surrounding us and including us. It must be protected, preserved, and loved or all is lost.

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