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Emma Example about drugs

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Ilir about drugs

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Gay Rapper about drugs

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diego wrote on Feb 9th 2002, 00:49:44 about


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Drugs should be legalized for two reasons. First, the criminal mafias that exist around it are a result of the prohibition that exists against them. Second, the only way to obtain illegal drugs, is through the black market, which hasn't a quality control. Adulteration of drugs is the cause of the death of many people. It would not happen if drugs were legalized.

Josef wrote on May 5th 2000, 01:13:40 about


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Unlike Marilyn Manson, I quite like the drugs, but the drugs don't like me. This often leads to feelings of rejection, and drives me to want the drugs even more. Sadly, they still turn away, and finally got a restraining order. In my despair, I turned to romance. After a depraved spiral into the depths of loving relationships, I am now fully rehabilitated. Thank Zaius for Reese's Pieces.

steve wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 22:25:39 about


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My current drug of choice is caffeine.
My favorite means of delivery is Diet Coke.
I'm not half the man I used to be.

bitchstick wrote on Oct 14th 2004, 04:47:44 about


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drugs expand your consciousness, but you cant live over your costs

citron vert wrote on Mar 30th 2001, 14:18:18 about


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Heard in the open-air market on the Caribbean island of St Vincent:

'Boy! Out de cigarette! Smokin' jangle yu health. Yu muddah ehn tell you dat?

'Me wan' smoke, me smoke.'

'Oh goddd, don' know what dis nation comin' to.'

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