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Josef about feelings
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ultrafeel about feelings
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Brandon about feelings

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Josef wrote on Apr 22nd 2000, 18:37:50 about


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Feelings... nothing more than feelings. But what else is there? Where do we draw the black line between emotion and logic? Isn't logic just a feeling at its heart? I wonder why we started to believe that feelings came from the heart, anyway. And impulsiveness came from the spleen, as we see in Shakespeare.

davichi wrote on Jul 15th 2001, 18:58:08 about


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thoughts may be controlled, feelings can not

mrgil wrote on Oct 30th 2000, 22:50:18 about


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Feelings are hard to feel when you are trying to suppress your feelings.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 16th 2001, 01:41:58 about


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Going from government office to government office, I got the feeling that I was bouncing about like a ballbearing in a bathroom.

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