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Levelyn about 3D

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Dragan wrote on Apr 6th 2000, 22:54:34 about


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I think it's a disgrace that 3D movies aren't more common. The year 2000 is already here, but people still refuse to wear stereo glasses. They think they look stupid with them. – In fact they do look stupid, but who cares when you can watch superb stuff like »T-Rex 3D« at you IMAX in return?

sara the mac wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 07:23:53 about


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the opposite of 3D is NegaD. instead of projecting (or seeming to project) an object outward toward the viewer, it creates concavities. just as there were special cardboard-framed glasses for watching the early 3D movies, there are special NegaD clip-on lenses (also available as contact lenses) for the viewing of videos and stillpix made with this new technology.

be careful! some of the concavities are extremely compelling, and can pull the unwary out of his/her seat.

Ruby Kyro wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 16:57:57 about


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The world, that is to say, all the physical aspects of our lives can be modeled using 3D technology. Art becomes interactive for anyone with a keyboard and mouse. Perhaps more importantly, though, is the accessibility to creativity. Creativity, a major key to problem solving in any area, is enhanced as we put our hands on life and play »God«. Access to such a tool heightens self awareness and one's place in the cosmos.

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