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rimmer wrote on Apr 23rd 2001, 04:36:37 about


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Form does not necessarily follow function. Since when did a toaster ever need to be streamlined? Unless function is also defined as an object's capacity to conform with the subliminal cultural notions of the era in which it is produced.

Dortessa wrote on Dec 6th 2000, 22:18:19 about


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Togepi and Owei have a form of an egg.

postrophea wrote on Apr 1st 2010, 15:24:39 about


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Mrs. Andrews carefully printed her last name and then her first. It was the short form this year so she was almost done.

She put her pen down next to the form and sighed. This was the first census since her Jim had died.

He wasn't counted any more.

But he...but he...

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