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Yadgar about journey

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Tochter about journey

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^116 wrote on Jul 27th 2001, 02:49:41 about


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This way.

There are 116 journeys to be completed.


Mc Bird wrote on Aug 12th 2001, 10:12:15 about


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You never know, where a journey ends. May be you want want go only 5 steps and than, like Alice in Wonderland, you arrive in not only in a foreign country but in a foreign world. This can also happen, if you start your journey without even moving.

mulatto wrote on May 6th 2001, 08:18:21 about


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'I cannot make your journey for you,' he said. 'But I can accompany you, and help make your journey a little less arduous.'

-- Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha

pickled onion wrote on Apr 22nd 2001, 11:13:55 about


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My journey began in a fine glass of gin and vermouth.

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