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on Jun 24th 2005, 23:08:57, Yadgar wrote the following about


The Journey

Wake up, my friend, the day has come
to ride our dream towards the sun
Resignation grows stronger and stronger,
come with me, don't wait any longer!
The bikes are waiting packed in the backyard,
get up and let us start!

Starry February night,
the Eastern light not yet in sight,
but in the mild and tender air
a hunch of springtime everywhere

That change of heart has meant to me
the end of all nostalgic sorrow,
we'll plant a tree of mankind's hope
in the country of tomorrow!

Dawn sees us far out of town,
travelling kings without a crown,
lands and cities pass our view,
there is no time for us to stay,
the gentle humming of the wheels
will be with us day by day

That change of heart...

And there will be the veterans,
grieving for old long-haired time,
asking us to where we're going
and what vision we've in mind
Utopia's torch is passed on now,
if you're open, why don't you join`
The measure's not your generation,
the White Bird, she will fly again!

That change of heart...

4,000 miles of pain and fun,
now sweating under desert sun,
in the plain ahead we see
the custom house, of adobe
Beyond the turnpike future waits
and a lifetime's work to be done
One day the country's name's a sign
for a better world to come...

That change of heart... (two times)

Lyrics (c) 1990 by Jörg »Yadgar« Bleimann
Music: yet to be composed!

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