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Rufus about klaatu

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Stopheles about klaatu

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Gronkör about klaatu

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Avant wrote on Feb 25th 2001, 01:13:40 about


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I liked the movie. In fact, I love 1950's science fiction movies.

Paul wrote on Apr 15th 2000, 06:06:30 about


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When asking if someone speaks Canadian I often phrase my inquiry thusly: »Klaatu Nichtu Canadiene?«

Yadgar wrote on May 30th 2005, 15:49:22 about


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So said the lighthouse keeper
as he struggled up the spiral stairs
which led him to the laser flare
which scans the cosmic void;

Where keepin' constant vigil,
he forwarned, this gallant guard of guards,
"Beware all ships this space graveyard
with its stones of asteroids!"

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