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venus about superior
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jam about superior
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on Mar 17th 2013, 21:26:33 wrote
jam about superior

on May 19th 2005, 18:01:52 wrote
quart about superior

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Bill wrote on Dec 21st 2003, 07:20:19 about


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The superior person never has a need to say »I am Superior«. If it has to be proven, it is a false statement.

mitch wrote on Sep 1st 2004, 03:30:49 about


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i think a woman is and has all right to own males and us them for her needs he should know his place at her feet and beck and call

saddlface wrote on Feb 22nd 2006, 04:43:34 about


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Not only are women superior to men, but EVERY woman is in fact superior to EVERY man in EVERY way.

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