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elfboi about murder

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Reginald wrote on Jan 30th 2005, 17:53:25 about


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Murder – homicide; the intentional killing (by one human being) of another human being.

karl keule wrote on Jun 1st 2008, 10:45:05 about


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more interesting than obvious murder is »white murder«. there is no murderer, there is no corpse.......still, murder WAS DONE........something VALUEABLE was can call it JOY, LOVE, Friendship, prayer......and all these values are replaced by negativity......hatred, boredom, treachery..........

Curtis wrote on Jan 9th 2003, 05:21:01 about


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the death of one. the power of one. the ludicrous of one. the rightness of one. the emptiness of one.

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