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roeland wrote on May 8th 2000, 18:00:15 about


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Something that has not been radiated is irradiated. Or something that had radiation in / on it has now been irradiated. The radiation has gone! Sigh, what a relief! The vegetables at Tsjernobyl have been irradiated: they have been cleaned from radiation.

Bill Stuart wrote on Dec 21st 2003, 08:09:09 about


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Irradiated food is safe, i have eaten it many times. It saves lives. If you have a problem with it don't eat it, but the homeless and hungry in other countries would appreciate it if food shippage and storage prices could be slashed by 80 percent. Imagine how many people we could feed if meat and milk never went bad...

Josef wrote on May 4th 2000, 23:40:51 about


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»Please irradiate your hands«

-sign in 23rd century bathroom

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