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Lovepole about naked
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Robert C. Markle about naked
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Emma Example about naked

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hjhhhjj about naked

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whatevernext96 about naked

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Yabbo wrote on Apr 20th 2003, 22:55:13 about


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To be naked is to be with no clothes on. To be with someone of the opposite sex and to be naked is just great.

Emma Example wrote on Jan 1st 2003, 22:19:12 about


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Why is it that most guys like to see naked women, but most women don't like to see naked guys?

Cindy wrote on Jan 28th 2019, 00:38:54 about


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Several forms of punishment may not be appropriate to deliver the desired results. But corporal punishment is a success story. Its an unalterable and proven fact, that men who were often and heavily beaten as boys, are not only more reliable and prosperous, but also much more attractive then men, who never felt the convincing force of a stinging cane on their bare buttocks or the unbearable pain, that a thoroughly swung leather belt can create on a youngsters naked ass.

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