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Kai about point
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Hans-Ulrich Zeuner about point

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tigerauge about point

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quart about point

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Emmeline wrote on Jun 22nd 2001, 10:41:01 about


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Point-and-shoot should always refer to a camera, and not a gun.

alicia wrote on May 11th 2004, 05:36:25 about


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Point the way and I'll follow!

alistair duncan wrote on Jul 25th 2001, 19:47:17 about


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I am told that I had one of these once. Fortunately, I know that this is true, because if I focus my eyes just so, I can see a point at the end of my nose.

deathmonger wrote on May 3rd 2001, 21:19:43 about


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a point, an imaginary idealization without extent, fine structure, or content, seems of all euclid's inventions the most pointless.

Dolly wrote on Oct 27th 2001, 19:55:46 about


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I am able to point to you with the slide on my trombone.

Dick Simon wrote on Jan 12th 2002, 20:59:07 about


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it is an instruction and a destination
one is rude;:;:one is not

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