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quart about point

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Emma Example about point

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aL zYMa KiOSK about point

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alistair duncan wrote on Jul 25th 2001, 19:47:17 about


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I am told that I had one of these once. Fortunately, I know that this is true, because if I focus my eyes just so, I can see a point at the end of my nose.

deathmonger wrote on May 3rd 2001, 21:19:43 about


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a point, an imaginary idealization without extent, fine structure, or content, seems of all euclid's inventions the most pointless.

Emmeline wrote on Jun 22nd 2001, 10:41:01 about


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Point-and-shoot should always refer to a camera, and not a gun.

Kai wrote on Apr 18th 2001, 23:11:42 about


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To make one is to have one. Defined as the intersection of two lines the point loses its pointedness and becomes composed. Being the atom of geometry, one needs more than one can have to do the simplest of things. The point is a concept best forgotten. It slips through the smallest hole without effort.

alicia wrote on May 11th 2004, 05:36:25 about


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Point the way and I'll follow!

[das flederwiesel]™ wrote on Sep 13th 2002, 23:55:25 about


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From my point of view, every sound is music. Nothing more and nothing less. Nothing less than life is able to offer to anyone.
Does anyone understand me?

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