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extrafruity about scared
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ZasZ234 about scared
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reinmar-m wrote on Jun 3rd 2002, 19:29:46 about


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I'm afraid I don't have the time to be scared about anything, folks.

iconoclast wrote on Jan 6th 2003, 08:29:30 about


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i would be scared to live without purpose, otherwise i don't fear anything.

toxxxique wrote on Feb 10th 2004, 14:03:03 about


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I wonder why it's
so much easier for me
to scare people away,
than to let them love me.

When they get scared of me,
they find nothing loveable
about me anymore.

I make myself a monster.
And they leave.

And for a while
I might feel safe
from being entangled
in this scary
thing called

Jim wrote on Dec 20th 2002, 00:08:58 about


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Once i got really scared when i lost touch with reality during a »religious experience«

ZasZ234 wrote on Oct 16th 2007, 17:27:47 about


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Intimidating thoughts of crawling evils lurking in the dark shadows of the night haunt me once again; I'm afraid, terrified, scared to death by the sound of steps on the stairs...

How do you pretend you're really alone in the darkness, when you seem to know, that – something has just scratched at the door?

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