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relle about sick

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Liamara wrote on Apr 9th 2000, 01:11:40 about


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»Being an art of self-training both body and mind as well as sending forth external qi (waiqi), qigong, created by the Chinese people in the long process of life, labour and fight against diseases and senium, has the functions of preventing and curing deseases, protecting and strengthening health and prolonging life. It is one of the gems in the treasure-house of China's cultural heritage as well as a component part of traditional Chinese medicine.«

From »Chinese Qigong, A practical English-Chinese Library of traditional Chinese Medicine«

sara the mac wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 07:43:13 about


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i'm really getting sick of these »give your opinion in a complete sentence« orders. try gentle suggestion; better yet, give it up. ordering writers around is like herding cats.

if i misspelled sick on purpose should i follow the misspelling with a bracketed [sic], to let everyone know i'm really an ace speller just messing around?

whatevernext96 wrote on Sep 23rd 2001, 16:56:43 about


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»...for I am sick of love« (Song of Solomon). Fed up or really ill? Significantly, it seems to be the lady saying it....

Dragan wrote on Apr 5th 2000, 01:39:01 about


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It's chick to feel sick. Especially »sick of it all«, cause then you are cool. Just some coughing or a sore throat won't get you anywhere nowadays.

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