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pixlfuxa about spoonful
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B Starr II about spoonful
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Timothy James M. Dimacali about spoonful

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[das flederwiesel] about spoonful

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mr. peabody about spoonful

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Texts to »Spoonful«

pixlfuxa wrote on Jun 30th 2000, 00:16:04 about


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dreams and nightmares
an apple falling
a spoonful of hope
a burning body
a pendent rope
under purple skies
a turning coin
and a bunch of lies
the urge to join
fiendish pagan rites
a neverending circle
of arabian nights
all of this
and much more
hot and breathless action
right here on the floor

realname wrote on Dec 4th 2000, 10:46:36 about


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i got a spoonful of loving for you, talking about a spoonful, spoonful, spoonful

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