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urt about thinking
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on Oct 31st 2013, 21:03:12 wrote
Christine about thinking

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Su Jefe about thinking

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phnix about thinking

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moira wrote on Jul 2nd 2000, 08:44:29 about


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It's hard to imagine to what your new text will possibly be linked – sure there are key words, but are you conscious of using them? Will it be silly and trite, or inspired and interesting? Will it be sordid and unbearable, or gripping and sexual?

What will these words connect you to?

Are we ready to meet?

What if one day we meet and we fall in love?

Will you ever admit to these words?

Do you ever talk about them?

Who knows that you come here?

What do they think?

Jean-Claude Choul wrote on Mar 11th 2002, 09:34:16 about


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Comparative cognition studies may equate or compare cognitive ability in various species, but they should not assimilate cognitive ability with thinking, as conceptual construction. I was told that my adult schnauzers would never have an IQ above that of a three year old, but their cognitive ability is far greater than mine, with my two doctorates, and my years spent studying meaning. This amalgamation reminds me of what some people refer to as »perceptions« when talking about your ideas. Others fail to see the difference between a belief and a concept. Even dictionaries associate opinions, inferences and judgment, while thinking first object appears to be distinction.

calvin sonar wrote on May 9th 2000, 04:16:33 about


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thinking is something that someone should be paid to do for me. »look, i pay you to think. stop giving me excuses, and start giving me thinkingor, »listen, i've got a date tonight, and she's gonna want some good, hard thinking ... why don't you get on that, and get back to me by 6. she's in marketing, so don't kill yourself over it

Harriet wrote on Feb 6th 2001, 23:03:01 about


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»One must think like a hero to behave like a merely decent human being

May Sarton

Nils wrote on Jan 14th 2001, 03:36:21 about


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Human beings are just self-domesticated primates. It shows in their thought patterns as well as in their behaviour. The human way of thinking is just a refined version of the ape mind.

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