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A terrible story of human suffering and female abuse.
Not for the fainthearted!
Thus, despite extreme security escaped from a Buddhist Temple in the northeastern USA.

If the Buddhists read the experience of this young girl, they might have no problems to locate her, with all the details she gave, and a horrible death be waiting for her. She is a very courageous, brave girl and her entire group may have already found their way out of Buddhism avoiding being massacred having been involved sneakeing that out into the public. Usually the only way females can escape their Buddhist prison is suicide. Presuming that is also the case here. Otherwise they all would face an horribly slow death with a long lasting torture, like the female organs beaten bloody, stabbed with fiery knifes and spears, and with pliers ripped the parts out of the bodies and then the bodies being burned alive to ashes while the entire congregation in a wild ritual will shouting sending them to hell. In order to speed up the torture process they have to keep shouting back that they want to be send to the deepest hell for eternity.

If however Tibetan Buddhist judgment, as originally supported by their God-King the Dalai Lama is being used then the victims cannot admit their sins or asking to be send into the deepest hell. The horror female, victims shall be exposed are usually: ripping out their tongs. Cutting off their limbs with an ax, immersing the stumps into boiling oil to avoid excess bleeding. Cutting out gallbladder, intestines and other unclean body parts, to make their bodies ready to be cocked for food. Being hung upside down on a meat hook inserted into their vagina, have their skin peeled of their bodies in pieces while still being conscious. And then their skinless body is being wiped with burning branches stopping excess bleeding Then the wiping continuous with a steel bar to break the reminder of their bones into small pieces. At all times their wounds are sealed by fire to avoid prematurely bleeding to death. Finally their skinless body with its burned flesh shall be immersed into water which is slowly brought up to a boil. While they still struggling and before their head submerged under the now boiling water their eyes are being slowly cut out of their face. Waiting that long to cut their eyes out has the reason that they are able to see the entire torture. Their body being cooked while they still struggling under water until their flesh falls of the bones and they finally stopping to struggle, finally all their life had left the body. The result will be human meat soup that might be fed to all the females as medicine curing all from the sin of disclosing the secrets of Dharma, Buddhist law and doctrine.

Breaking our Bodhisattvas vows:

I am a student of Dharma being prepared with the practice having as food and drink the warm flesh and blood of young sexy girls elevated to goddesses being sacrificed for their sins of attachment and sexual desires and for the sins of all the females in the whole world being blamed for all wrongs in the world seducing men, manipulate them to wrong doings by using their powers of sex and beauty.

To learn about punishment for repeated offenders breaking their vows by keeping even only mentally an attachment to their love ones while required being completely isolated from them and the entire outside world and prohibited the desire or enjoyment of sex or having orgasms when their gurus are practicing sex using and playing sexually with their naked bodies anytime they desire to do so. I was designated to bring a group of 15 young, 18 to 23 years old nude girls to the place where their limbs, arms and legs being amputated. I wore a robe and a whip, being continuously ordered by a monk to keep whipping their nude body to make them moving faster including the ones who had to be carried being too weak or unable to walk on stumps having already their feed cut off. Their mouth was toasted with dry heat, making them unable to talk and object to anything anymore, petrified and shaking with fear. The ones who still have not sacrifice their eyes, having gazed eyes. All being plagued by thirst dehydrated near death. Some having been carried because they had already sacrificed their hands, feet, spleen, and some kidneys or liver. Without an essential organ like the liver they are destined to be dying anyway in couple months. The ones who had lost essential organs for use of sex or childbirth being useless are faced already their final decapitation.

After they vowed having no attachments and had given to the temple their entire possession to save their limbs. Now living up to their vow having no attachment to their own limbs and sacrificing them to safe there live for the moment. Finally living up to their final vow having no attachment to their own dear life sacrificing it at a later date to be decapitated when they are no longer required by their gurus or monks for sex practices or child bearing to cover the temples expenses through adoption of their offspring’s. Edible parts of their bodies being used as food and their blood as drinks for selected monks. The remaining female cadaver being used by monks for a last sex practice and then meditation.

Returning to my quarters, I, as a female classified being filthy and a brute prayed day and night that my sickness having attachment and enjoying orgasm having sex practices with my guru, and being cured from this my sickness of attachment and sexual desires and having orgasm. Praying the Lord of Death does not come to me until I could turn my bad karma into good karma. I am afraid that I am in the next group being amputated, and perhaps after that painful amputation being beheaded for my final punishment breaking those essential vows again and again. Whenever I asked my guru for sex he punished me by beating my sex organs, vagina, clitoris and breasts before he used my body for painful sex practices as required by our religion being a God, prosecutor and executor. For whatever reason he did beat my private area, no matter how painful it was, I had to ask for more punishment and I learned to enjoyed the pain, which was often so extreme that I could not sleep for days using the time to meditate and renewing my vows smearing my filthy female body with my own excrement’s burying my abdomen in filthy grounds so my skin is being bitten by maggots which crawled up into my bloody vagina being ready to have myself discomposed whenever the lord of death is ready to take me into nowhere. Whenever my guru used me then for sex, I had to tell him how I punished myself, he then had my vagina rinsed with hot water and hosed my body down with hot water and made me eat the death maggots and the dried blood which came out of my vagina and the excrement washed of my body.

Often we are being secretly visited from a couple of monks at night who using us for anal intercourse and filling our intestines with their urine which we had to suck out from each others rectum while they were watching that we emptied our intestines completely. If we refused they did stabbing us with hot needles into the clitoris and threatened to turn us in claiming we seduced them for personal sexual pleasure. Whatever excuse they have they enjoy hurting us and we learned to enjoy the pain as a sexual play. Needless to say, we did enjoy all different type of the dirtiest sex and got used enjoying eating our own feces to serve their enlightenment. Often they requested that we girls making oral sex to each other while they emptied their sperms over our bodies, breasts and into our mouths, or they requested blow jobs and then we were ordered eating their feces and drinking their urine. We have repeatedly assure them that we enjoy eating their feces and drinking their urine, and we usually try not to be believable resulting them stabbing us with pleasure using hot needles into our breast nipples, which pain we learned to enjoy and after every stabbing asking for more stabbing. Hence they consider women born from filth and dirty sluts, eating faces and drinking urine, we being told, that should not be a problem. This is no problem and became our pleasure. As long we having pleasure and playing along they will not turn us in to be amputated and beheaded. We rather enjoy being abused by those monks, beaten and stabbed then enjoy being punished by amputation and beheadings. Because after we are beheaded there will be no more sex of any kind possible and as long as we alive we shall enjoy being dominated by males, being their sex slave, thus is one of our vows to let them do respectfully whatever they want to do to our bodies, beating, stabbing, peeling our skin of and purring salt over our wounds, making us scream in pain, cutting our breasts of, purring boiling oil over our clitoris and into our vagina to burn away any female internal organs so we die in a male form when they torture as to death. Because only in a male form a former female can enter the pure land, the paradise.

We hardly get enough food and drink just to keep alive for mediation. Eating our faces and drinking our urine hardly helps to stay alive. An 18-year-old new girl wanted to sacrifice her body to serve it as food and drink to us so we may survive a bit longer. Her last wish placing her body on the altar was to be raped and abused by all monks and gurus having her breast cut off to be used for meditation of the males, her vagina and clitoris burned and cut out of her body. After she was brought back to our premises still alive she kept cutting pieces of meat out of her thighs and bud feeding us her flesh and her blood to drink demanding us to continue cutting the meat of her bones while she was still alive saying she enjoys the pain feeding her body to us as food and drink for our survival. We had an entire month enough to eat from her decaying body. After that the monks picked up her clean scraped bones and skull being used for their and the gurus meditation.

Needless to say, we do enjoy our existence of sin of dirty sex and the attachment of inflicted pain. Without painful sex we don’t exist anymore and were only a passing by illusion in the mind of man. And when that time comes we can eliminate the illusion of us by either throwing our naked body as food to the alligators or sharks or decapitating our self by sword or with our head on a railroad track. Alligators, sharks and sword or the wheels of the railroad car separating our heads from our illusional body nothing can hurt us anymore an illusion we had become. Then we vanish body and soul from existence or entering as females into the vicious cycle of reincarnation again and again to enjoy suffering over and over again to the end of the universe.

Many females in those Tibetan Buddhist sanctuaries in the US preferred to have totally the clitoris removed, complete female genital mutilation, not to be blamed having orgasm or physical feelings during gurus sex practices.

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