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on Jun 12th 2000, 11:18:20, elspeth gingle wrote the following about


a is for amanda, my one true love. we work and play together. constantly in sync. occassionally we fall apart, and that is the worst time of my life. when i don't understand her, i'm lost. not even at sea. if i were a poet, and i could write a love poem, i know she wouldn't read it, she doesn't like poems. i'll stick to prose, and one day she might surf by here, begrudgingly, i'll have been nagging. and she might see this and know that i am thinking of her. then again she might not. whatever happens, if it happens, at least it's now possible.

will she keep on going past this post? undoubtedly she will. no one is a bigger egoist than she, and no doubt she'll want to get a keyword and make a thread of her own.

thus this trace – this a line – will make her smile – because it began with her, with a thought of my love for her – so other things are born – other things begin

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