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on Nov 14th 2001, 06:12:35, Oklahoma Cowgirl Poet wrote the following about


They are Real Cowboys at the Rafter S Timed Event Championship Roping and Cowboy Reunion in Cyril, Oklahoma. Real Cowboys who know how to work and how to have fun. They come together each 1st weekend in October for a full day of team roping and Cowboy Poetry and Chuck Wagon food. Each year they converge on the Rafter S Ranch to try their hand at winning the hand-made trophy buckles. Then they listen to the Cowboy Poetry and music of such western entertainment greats as Doc Stovall, David Moore, Debra Coppinger Hill, Chuck Milner, Randy Fischer, Jay Snider, Straw Berry, Hank Elling and Kevin Davis. It's a great day with REAL COWBOYS...

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