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Wyoming Cowgirl about cowboy

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Greenie about cowboy

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Okie Cowgirl about cowboy

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KD wrote on Aug 5th 2004, 02:44:37 about


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»Scoundrel!« Frank Leigh Dearie screamed. »You stole my hat! How can I be a cowboy without my hat

Dragan wrote on Apr 10th 2000, 02:10:03 about


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Cowboys wear cool cowboy hats, drive cattle or horses from one coast to another and smoke Marlboro. – That's what we see in Europe.

The most interesting western movies are from italy I think. The cowboys there are dirty and have rusty guns instead of shiny ones.

Tomick II wrote on May 2nd 2000, 08:50:34 about


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The farmer and cowman should be friends. One man likes to chase a cow, the other likes to push a plow, and that's no reason why they can't be friends.

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