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The Heretic about infatuation
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Quincy about infatuation
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The Heretic wrote on Jul 28th 2000, 08:50:44 about


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Dropping into infatuation is the epitome of ecstasy. The falling never stops with wings of ignorance and fantasy. The sweet honey air flows quickly into the past. The perfumed flowers cling gently to flesh, but are stripped harshly by winds of knowledge and exploration. Gradually the wings crack and break and fall into the dark below. There's no more happiness, but the falling continues. There is no light or even a gleaming gem of hope or a cloud to catch. There is no more until it starts again.

Josef wrote on Aug 5th 2000, 05:16:56 about


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My infatuation (also known as a crush) with a cute girl at work led me to drive to town yesterday to a movie that I did not wish to see. I drove for half an hour, to see this movie, even though I had scratched one eye with a piece of flying sawdust earlier that day, and could not see properly. But I went, and I saw, and I endured the mall, and even sort of enjoyed the film. Then I drove home. The sad part? I was not going to the movie WITH this girl, only because she was also going to a movie. And I arrived 20 minutes late, and failed to see her. Oh well... infatuations are meant to be enjoyed in this way.

efferelle wrote on Nov 19th 2000, 23:13:16 about


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that which i suffer from right now is Infatuation. I feel sorry for the person I am infatuated with. But I also feel sorry for me. If we would just be, then I wouldn't need to be infatuated. But should we be? since I feel stupid for him and he feels just a little for me?

Mad wrote on Aug 2nd 2000, 05:29:06 about


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I remember a t-shirt with »supposed former infatuation junkie« written on it
It is an album title of Alanis Morissette

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