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on Jan 2nd 2022, 19:55:56, S. wrote the following about


second day 4timesfiveleft treefifty she remarks everything, many other schmidts wrote i saw some, what she corporally is and his those abilitys inventivity, desterity, those are she and the remarquable quality of understanding and plyimng the exacte opposite envers le public. those are woman who are mens best friends. they fear nothing. she has all time of her live to make me happy. you are a dreamer. look at the word outside of you. this is a broiling planet. he depasses its capacitys beein stable this would give grave vconversions many wars and to prewiew a not lonesome and perhaps not so quickly toutfindetoutechoseetdesoimeme to prewiew this scenario could be an permanent discourse between two aged individues de sexe different. ein zauberhaftes kleid haben sie an. sie schauen beschämt das macht sie sympatisch. und etwas keck.

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