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on Nov 16th 2007, 03:08:26, ruecker42 wrote the following about


Exposed to the world outside of your head from the beginning to the end, nah, get away with the autists, they are exposed too, they just handle it different, the sun shines on ANYONE of us down here... Life, an eternal exposure to anything that is but I didn't get it first, there was just this picture of a toddler crawling on the floor, discovering his surroundings ... and some old guys voice »it is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering« hey, that's a quote from Bennett isn't it and why is THIS GIRL SCREAMING HER HEART OUT? And these droning voices, spelling e x p o s u r e all the time? You're telling me I was just exposed to a video called 'exposure' ? I didn't notice it was something fictional, it seemed pretty real ....

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