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on Apr 27th 2000, 14:32:40, random wrote the following about


The Gallows

Well I heard the key enter the lock and open with a click. Seems as I was waiting for the
hangman, the time went by pretty quick.
I got convicted in a mock court of law, in this small southern town. Cause that man in black
turned his back, that's when I gunned him down.

Well he challenged me to a duel knowing he was the fastest gun in town. That's how I
knew my life was through, so in cold blood I shot him down.
I tried to tell the Marshal but his town wants to see some blood from me. And that click I
heard is the sheriff come to escort me to the hanging tree.

Well the rope is swinging with the wind, the other end is cinched up tight. And half the
town came out today for this macabre sight.
I was given one last cigarette by this worthless old tin star. He said, "No word from the
Governor yet son, I'm sorry its come this far."

Well I took every dusty step, one step at a time. Then the Preacher man lowered his head,
said for me a little rhyme.
They put that noose around my neck, the knot just below my ear. And I felt some real
strange feelings son, but I don't think I felt much fear.

About the same old time as I was praying to my sire, a pardon was being sent for me across
the tel-o-graph wire.
Well, you'll never guess, the way that this here song will finally end. When the pony
express and my pardon arrived, my boots were swinging in the wind.

So the moral to this story is not to just sit around and pout. And that most times the easy
way isn't the best way out.
See, I should have faced the man in black with some semblance of pride. And who knows,
maybe the story'd go, that only he, not me, had died.

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