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on Jun 22nd 2007, 19:47:11, Melissa wrote the following about


I am a Female Supremacist Female, 21 years old. I wanted to let you know Gynarchy is comming for good and to stay. Ever wonder why the world is so badly off in the patriarchal society that is so much headed to the garbage?

First of all there will be a Queendom where most Women will be allowed to own males as pets, slaves, or any other task/roll they allow the property they will by then have. They will be allowed to own as many as they want, but not all will want more than one or two (remember they must afford them and there are about as much males than Women in the world, so they will cost a lot and therefore be valued by the owners too!).

Criminal Women will not be allowed to own males because there will be a council to protect them just like animal rights are protected in most advanced societies today (but not further on). Some Women will want their males to attend male-school, where they will be allowed to learn the practices that a good slave must have.

So, that's about it. If you are a male fall on your knees and pray it comes soon!


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