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on Jun 16th 2017, 21:20:31, Cute Slaveboy wrote the following about


As a young boy and I was teached by my sisters that we boys are worthless and all Girls are Gynarchy Princesses. I have to kneel down naked in front of them and kiss their feet while they laugh and kick my balls. I just love to worship every part of a Lady, I have to serve every woman that enters our house. My mother says a boy doesn*t need any clothing and it`s unimportant if he feels ashamed, every Female should have the right to see his genitals for fun cause nude boys look so ridiculous and a nude boy is completely obdient to Women. So Gynarchy is reality in many families already and more and more young boys accept Female supremacy. Girls are everything boys are nothing, so let them spit, piss and shit over us males, that feels so right for me and the Future world to be controlled by their Goddess Power!

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