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on Jun 30th 2000, 00:18:17, pixlfuxa wrote the following about


_neuronus catawampus_

in benevolent mood
when near a thousand thoughts
have been exchanged
and millions are still lurking
for their opportunity,
a sudden smell of purple residue
like whilom smilom hogwash
leads you far astray;
the counterpart, surprised,
reacts accordingly
- you really feel deranged!

although some wholesome houghmagandy
could heal the deal with some appeal,
another naughty notion
pulls the trigger
of even more absurdity
a second time:
in amphibious shapelessness,
monster /amorphous/ crawls up your back,
entwines your spine up to the neck
and renders you all covered up
in bluish slime
- a six-eyed alien snail.
however hard you try –
you're shivering to no avail!

aweful as living in the 'burbs
is the embarrassment
of sweet forgetfulness
when you're about to win the night
and lose your word instead;
but what could ever be as bad
as the discovery
your lovely lass
turns out to be – a lad!?

all you creeps suffering from the
'political correctness' syndrome:
i give a shit !

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