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»That should do it for now.« Noli exclaimed.
»You like it, director?«

»YES. I love it, clown

He noticed his laughing becoming a lot more hesitant and intense. He slowly felt himself getting funny again, but he wasn't quite ready yet. Since he was so much smaller than before, he felt as if the director was bigger. So why not make him smaller?

»The director are shrinking until he reach an tea-cup

The directors's eyes widened as he leaned back as far as he could. By playing with his forehand, his shrinking was extremely pleasurable. After shrinking once, the shrinking stopped and he leaned forward again, gazing at tiny body.

»T-Thank you so much clown! I absolutely LOVE itHe said while hugging his own body.

»I love it too, don't you worry.«

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