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the addressed Lord about sexual

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Drol about sexual

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saima about sexual

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voice wrote on Jun 8th 2000, 17:56:32 about


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aliens took me away and endowed me with the ability to reproduce asexually.

once a month i began to feel an awful broodiness. i tried to resist but it was helpless. eventually i was forced to concieve with myself.

i was producing roughly twelve babies a year, but i sold the children as factory workers, and that made it all ok.

klaartje wrote on May 1st 2000, 00:30:09 about


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I really love chocolate. If I haven't got any chocolate, I'll have sex instead. Men are a good substitute for chocolate.

Josef wrote on Apr 21st 2000, 08:34:09 about


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I really liked that song, »sexual healing«, in a goofy strange way. Then I found out it was by Marvin Gaye. I think. I don't know much about Marvin Gaye, but he's mentioned in a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. I don't know whether or not I can respect him.

bconstan wrote on Dec 3rd 2002, 01:47:24 about


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Sexual, sensuous, silky, sleazy, pornographic, caress, kiss, lick, fondle, nipple, breast, lingerie, purple, embrace, languish, love, tongue, penis, love-box, blowjob, felt-up, erotic, tingle

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