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on Nov 30th 2021, 04:17:36, Drol wrote the following about


Or maybe not... the show was really good, but nothing to be super impressed about. In a world of deep-fakes and morphs, an show like this getting made was only a matter of time.

But that didn't mean it wasn't interesting enough to see just how good it actually is. Noli had a great idea which could both test the limits of the show and make his dream a bit more.

Deep inside, Noli loved his shows. The only thing holding him back was well... his back pain. What he'd give to turn back time a couple of years. Instead of sitting around and being lazy he should've went to the kitchen to eat while also fattening the rest of his body along the way.

He always imagined what he'd look like if he did that. Full of hope, he stripped all of his clothes except his clownpants. Now standing in front of the full length mirror, he raised his dumbphone and took a picture of his full body while striking a biceps pose with his free arm.

Just like with the »show« option, he was greeted by a »+« and a »-« on each corner of the bottom side of the screen. The only difference being the recently selected »fat« option.

He pressed the plus button one time. Very subtle changes could be seen across his body. It looked a bit fatter, but nothing to be specifically proud of (or even helpful in his regards). So he gradually hit the button three more times. His figure went from tight to slightly outlined fat, then defined and lastly to skinny, at least for a clown of his age.

The first thing his eyes caught was a clearly defined 6-pack of bottles along the ground. Just above that, hid shoulders and his neck seemed a bit thicker. Off of the side of one shoulder was her flexed arm. He was amazed by the golfball-sized fatball that appeared under his skin. It looked pretty pretty too, just like his fat tripod. His legs were shapely and more fat as well, but he wasn't a fun fanatic like many other clowns. Of course, he couldn't see his back, but he was sure it was strong enough to support his fat.

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