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on Nov 16th 2021, 02:09:12, Fairytale man wrote the following about


*Knock* *Knock*
Noli rose from the desk and walked to the door.
'I wonder who could it be?', he thought.
He opened the door and saw... nobody. Only some kind of a box was laying in front of him.
»Is this some kind of delivery
Noli took the box inside and opened it. There was a recorder with a note inside in it.
He picked a note and started reading:
»Greetings, funny clown! If you are reading this, then you have obtained a very powerful artifact. Everything that you'll record with this phone, will become true! Have fun
Noli looked on the note, than on the phone.
»Everything becomes true? Sounds like a load of crap. Well, trying this wouldn't hurt.«

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