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Sammy Tornado
The Execution Of The Reality

He strode up to the reality, she seized and she expressed substantially, namely in such a way that the water splashed only thus from her out. It was filthy, it was mud water. With the words he committed the inauguration: »You cleaning scoundrels, I chop you already stillHe tugged in the scoundrel that the blood rose to him before nothing but strain in the face. In the end, the scrap with loud rattle tore in two in the middle, this scrap after which everything were in habit to be directed, nevertheless, always so strongly. Now thus the reality looked: half hung on the wall, the other slipped everything smearing in the original raddle drawing by Lionardo da Vincis down, while a fart of the chancellor rose in smoke. Then there gathered the cleaning lady (this sentence is real already an epilogue), sewed the both parts of the cleaning rags jocularly again and wiped up with it the whole puke of the annual do – she wiped up the vomited with the reality which was watered with holy piece of bumf water in rich measure.


(Original text of 2005. Translated into the english language by completely marvellous internet translation machines at the end of October of 2006. Allowed to show here in the blaster ! 2005/2006 by Sammy Tornado and ZERO ZOXX INTERNATIONAL. Enjoy!)

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