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Guest Number 48 wrote on May 29th 2000, 02:18:25 about


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How do you avoid feeling like flotsam or jetsam when lost in the blaster?

johno wrote on Feb 17th 2004, 18:10:21 about


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Flotsam, and his first cousin Jetsam, occupy the backwaters and beaches of the world, the minds of the bored and distracted, and make up nearly the entire content of this site. Flotsam is in his element, his natural environment, but jetsam feels a bit displaced, almost rejected from a former, superior existance, and thus her melancholy.

tollkirsch wrote on Dec 27th 2000, 16:16:44 about


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What is flotsam without jetsam!
You see both, at random, walking the shore. Maybe also the shores of Lake Michigan. Yes, there I was, once, and I remmeber it well...

a wee girl wrote on Apr 20th 2000, 08:50:07 about


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and jetsam! Cool, how the salty water preserves wood so you can build fences with the logs washed ashore.

dyl wrote on Oct 15th 2000, 19:06:32 about


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If you want some flotsam, I've got some.
If you want some jetsam, I can get some

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