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ike about Llama

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Bart Starr, Bitches! about Llama

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ATog wrote on May 3rd 2000, 23:24:06 about


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The Llama. Ahh the mighty Llama, is it not the most grandous creature to walk the face of the earth? If it is not then I am mistaken, for whenever I hear its mournfull call ring out over my small apalachian town I cant help but imagine the armys of Llamas fighting back against the oppesive swarms of hell sent Pandas.

Twill be a gloryous day when the Pandas are wiped from the face of our earth and replaced by Llamas...

Phoebe Katz wrote on Jan 25th 2001, 18:42:13 about


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This thing is telling me that »llama« is a »hotly discussed topic all over the world«, but you know, I'm not too sure about that. There is a debate, however, between those who favour camels and those who prefer llamas. Camels have a reputation for spitting, but camel-lovers say that this is undeserved by their beloved humped animals. They say that llamas are the culprit, that those are the bad-tempered animals known for spitting. But llama advocates claim that this is not true, and they blame camels.

Who's right in this earth-shattering debate? We'll never know for certain. Just don't piss off any camels or llamas.

Greg wrote on Aug 7th 2003, 01:39:38 about


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»Hey little boy, would you like to pet my llama

Michael Jackson

spherule wrote on May 16th 2000, 00:33:12 about


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What should I feed my llama?
LLamas are a modified ruminant with a three compartment stomache. They chew cud like cattle and sheep. Because of a realatively low protein requirement due to there efficiet digestive systems, they can be kept on a variety of pastures and hay. One llama eats approximately 4 bales of hay per month.

How do llamas communicate?
Llamas communicate with a series of ear, body, and tail postures, as well as a shrill alarm and a humming sound.

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