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Dortessa wrote on Feb 9th 2003, 13:39:31 about


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Martin Luther King : I have a dream ....

undercover wrote on Nov 20th 2002, 20:51:07 about


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undercover wrote on Nov 14th 2002, 01:06:29 about


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He led a mass struggle for racial equality that doomed segregation and changed America forever.

Decades after King was gunned down on a motel balcony in Memphis/Tennessee, he is still regarded mainly as the black leader of a movement for black equality.


»MartinLutherKing made ... assuming personal responsibility for alleviating social harm ordinary and irresistible.«

Toni Morrison, Nobel prize winner

brittney wrote on Jan 15th 2003, 00:05:41 about


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i think martinluther is a good peson he make us fiht for our rights and thats what i did i had a dream that one day he will be praise i love him why did they do that to him why just beacause hes black no it got black and white people in this world all of us is a humanbean dont treat each other like dirt just because of our color no it dont really matter i have white friends and black i treat them like humanbean not in a nasty way.i love martin luther king hes my at school called me white i never like people who called me white i'm light skin white kids could'nt go to our school neither we all those people who died i feel there in my heart even doe i did'nt know some of them but i still love them.

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