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rudy wrote on Apr 3rd 2000, 18:45:03 about


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my favorite Sesamestreet characters are the martians. they make a sound like »meep-meep-meep«. i asked santa claus to give me one for christmas when i was 2 years old.

adit wrote on Jun 12th 2000, 23:28:27 about


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I dislike Elmo. He is a lot less inquisitive, smart, quick, fun, and attractive than many of the others. He is overrated. Elmo.

Julianne wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 06:56:04 about


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One lesson of Jim Henson's death is: don't let yourself get so run down. If you get really sick, take a day off and rest. Not enough people remember the year of the Spanish Influenza, when a lot of people died from the 'flu.

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