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trof wrote on Jan 13th 2002, 03:25:38 about


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have been watching too much TV and I realize that Tv nowadays is all about life. It is scary, it's depressing, sometimes interesting, and maybe even a little bit entertaining. But I see people having babies on TV and getting operations and cooking and decorating and worrying about relationships and i see foreign lands and pop culture. And it makes me not want to have kids, it makes me not want to die. Well, it makes me not want to know I'm dying. Over all its the operations and the babies that disturbed me because when you are in that situation you are helpless and you get through it and that's life. When you watch it on TV you are afraid of it, you don't want it to happen to you. I have since stopped watching TV and started to shut up and breath and watch what I'm doing, not being able to see myself. That is what is so strange and amazing about life. You live and do things and you can't see yourself doing it. That's what makes people have the state of mind that they are invinsible. When you watch tv you see yourself and it sucks. And when someone loves you one day you realize that they see you and watch you and you can't experience that.

Izzy wrote on Dec 5th 2001, 21:50:22 about


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TV is what gave life to imploding our imagination and filling it with all those glorious colors.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 10th 2001, 04:38:35 about


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Sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison called television The Glass Teat – an appropriate metaphor, in my humble opinion. But in the interest of accuracy, perhaps Ellison should have said television programming rather than tv itself.

hank forthright wrote on Mar 26th 2002, 16:42:12 about


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TV is what you get when all you do is switch over

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